New Project

Istanbul’s Seaside Leisure Exhibition is now open!

Pera Museum

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The exhibition can be visited between 05 April – 26 August 2018!


Antakya Hilton Museum Hotel

The construction has started

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Starting in 2015, the museum and outdoor exhibition area are designed by PATTU.

Upcoming Project

Ani: Poetry of Stones

The exhibition will be opened again in Kulturhistorisk Museum, Oslo

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Ani: Poetry of Stones Exhibition will be opened again in Kulturhistorisk Museum Oslo, Norway. The exhibition was at DEPO Istanbul between 14 March-19 April 2018.


Doublethink Double Vision

Exhibition Catalogue, Pera Museum, 2017

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Curated by Alistair Hicks, the exhibition title alluded to George Orwell’s seminal work 1984 and presented a selection of works, tracing the steps of pluralistic thought through works of art.


All That is Solid

YAP Istanbul Modern, 2015

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PATTU is the winner of Moma- YAP Istanbul Modern 2015 with the installation ‘All That is Solid’.