08 September - 12 October 2016
Pera Museum, İstanbul
Client: Pera Museum
Area: 300 m2
Scope of work: Exhibition Design

The exhibition is about the New York-based artist, Katherine Behar who moves fluidly between sculpture, performance, video, and writing. Behar is drawn to the often confounding—and sometimes rebellious—ways that people and technologies manage to coexist in digital labor. Curated by Fatma Çolakoğlu and Ulya Soley, the works in Data’s Entry show how working bodies can defy repetitive drudgery: user interfaces fail to fully script human action, machines run amok rather than faithfully automating human labor, and algorithms are crippled by their own exacting logic. Instead of claiming special importance for human subjectivity, she seeks out solidarities between humans and nonhumans and finds in these connections unexpected traces of traditional gender, racial, and class dynamics.

Exhibition Design:
Işıl Ünal, Cem Kozar
Oya Çitçi, Canset Er