28 October 2016 -1 March 2017

Client: Rezan Has Museum
Area: 500 m2
Scope of work: Exhibition, graphic and interaction design

Rezan Has: 90 Years of Savoir-Vivre
This exhibition will allow you to witness 90 years in the life of Rezan Has, the daughter of Mehmet Bey of the renowned Germirli family of Kayseri and Şehime Yağcızade of Istanbul, the beloved wife of Kadir Has, and the mother of Can, Zekiye, Nuri, Rezzan, and Aleyna. Through the doors we shall open into the vivid world of one of the first ladies of the Republic era, you will encounter a unique selection from the record collection Rezan Has created over a period of 50 years and find the opportunity to observe the impact Western culture had on the social life of Istanbul as part of the modernization attempts of the Turkish Republic after 1923. From the cultural life of the 1950s to the music world of the 1960s, from live orchestras to records and the revival of social life interrupted by consecutive coups as of the 1980s, the exhibition will present to viewers the modern face of the Turkish Republic.


Exhibition design:
Cem Kozar, PATTU
Graphic Design:
Işıl Ünal, PATTU
Canset Er, Mete Cem Arabacı, PATTU
Zeynep Çulha, RHM