February 2013
TUYAP, İstanbul


Area: 70 m2
Scope of work:  Installation Design



Team: Işıl Ünal, Cem Kozar

The municipality of Bergama has been preparing for a long time to get the city into UNESCO’s World Heritage Site’s. PATTU was chosen to design their stand for a tourism fair.  
Bergama (Ancient Pergamon) used to one of the most important cities in the Ancient World,  and housed one of the biggest libraries . It is the first place parchment was used for most of the collection, hence the word “parchment” which derives from Pergamon.
We decided to construct a big parchment wall to refer to this ancient knowledge centre. We collected dozens of old books, and all of them were converted into small rolls of paper one by one. Eventually we had around 10.000 small parchment rolls. All of them were rolled by hand and mounted onto small boards.
The background graphic was designed to include the famous Zeus Altar and other important buildings in the city. We used natural solid wood in the design.