Carbon Copy

1. Antalya Architecture Biennial
Scope of work:
Architectural research, Installation design
Sponsored by
Antalya Mimarlar Odası, Kusta, IABA


Project Detail
There are seven copies of Venice around the World, and new copies are on their way. We have two Topkapi Palaces, one with a swimming pool. In Istanbul you can live in concrete “Ottoman” houses built in 2011, or have fun in a “Yalı overlooking the fake Bosphorus” in Halkalı.
China is secretly copying the Austrian village of Hallstatt while Egypt is struggling to find a way to get the international copyrights for the pyramids.  If we look to our cities : they are already the Paris of the Middle East, Barcelona of East Mediterranean or the Dubai of the Aegean. Welcome to “the city as a theme park”.

Installation design:
Cem Kozar, Işıl Ünal