Studio X

Scope of work:
Exhibition Design and Content Development

Ds Architecture

300 m2


Project Detail
Microcosmos is a retrospective exhibition that will engage not only architects but also people who would like to discover the traces of our urban and cultural past. The exhibition features the 30 year experience of Deniz Aslan and Sevim Aslan—masters of landscape architecture and surveying respectively—at DS Mimarlık, accompanied by documentation and interviews.

The exhibition presents a mapping of the 30 year long experience of DS Mimarlık on the one hand, which is a summary of architecture and construction in Turkey in its own right, while also exploring the issues that come to the forefront in this period such as the transition to liberal economy in Turkey, and the transformation of scale and project production processes.

15 January – 4 March 2016

Exhibition Design:
PATTU, Işıl Ünal, Cem Kozar
Content Development:
PATTU, Işıl Ünal, Cem Kozar
Canset Er, Emrecan Erol, Volkan Kaplan
Gülşah Meral, Serkan Ateş
Project Photography:
Sahir Uğur Eren