Port of Galata

Museum Ann De Stroom

Scope of work:
Installation design


Project Detail
Port City Talks. Istanbul. Antwerp
Curator / Murat Tabanlıoğlu

For centuries Galata was one of Istanbul’s most important ports. It was the city of Levantines, the city of adventurous traders and bankers… It was the colony for which Genoa and Venice constantly went into battle. This changed over the years, first, Galata became an industrial site and an later a storage area. It has now become a cultural intersection. This installation uncovers memories about the port at Galata and tells a story spanning several centuries.

Installation Design
Işıl Ünal, Cem Kozar, PATTU

Motion Graphics
Hürcan Emre Yılmazer

Sound Design
Ateş Erkoç

Specials Thanks to 
Mine Erkaya, Esin Gündüz, Erdal Akkaş

We thank everyone who gave sound to our project
Evliya Çelebi / Burç Demir
Miss Pardoe / Colette Carse
Théophile Gautier / Fabrice Gruson
Christian Andersen / Gregers Tang Thomsen
Edmondo De Amicis / Riccardo Cespi
İlhan Berk / Ertuğrul Güney